2021 MA Town Tax Rates Map

The map below shows tax rates in each Massachusetts town for 2021.  The tax rates are per $1,000 in assessed value.  As an example, a home with a $10 tax rate and a $500,000 assessed value would pay $5,000 per year in taxes ($500,000/1,000*10).

While searching for a home in Massachusetts, many home buyers will wonder how the tax rates compare from town to town.  In Massachusetts, tax rates vary broadly from a low of $2.91 (per $1,000 in assessed value) in Chilmark, MA all the way up to $24.74 (per $1,000 in assessed value) in Longmeadow, MA.

What would make one town worth more than 8 times as much in taxes, than another you might ask.  Well, there a number of factors that determine property tax rates.  For example, Cambridge has a relatively low tax rate (at $5.75 per $1,000 in assessed value) than it’s surrounding cities and towns, but that is due in large part to the taxes on the many businesses throughout the city.

In general, we tend to see lower tax rates on Cape Cod and the islands as well as the far reaches of Western Mass.  We see mid-level tax rates in and around Boston and it’s immediate suburbs, and we see the highest tax rates in the central part of the state.

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Data from MA Division of Local Services.